Friday, December 30, 2005

OK, we gotta pick up the pace a little


I just got this email from Neal informing me of a small blog
post on Jed Pearl on the 92nd Street Y's blog. It naturally leads to a preview of the talk he is giving there in January, which then leads to a talk that Arthur Danto is giving there in January - and leads me to say "golly!"

I gotta get cracking, Peter Goddard, Sarah Milroy, RM Vaughan, Jerome Delgado, Henry Lehmann, Nicolas Mavrikakis (on second thought, maybe not) Isa Tousignant, Stephan Aquin, Guy Cogeval, Louise Dery, if I were to schedule one per month, we'd be all the way into September. Any other suggestions, ideas, hints?

And then just while I was typing this up, I get another email - this one directing me towards an interview with Chrissie Iles (50% of the Whitney's Biennale).

Oh, and by the way - the Jed Pearl thing on the 92Y Blog is way too short, given that the event costs $17! If I'm going to shell out that sort of money, I want at least 1,000 words, if not more. I hope that they will podcast the event when it is done. And the interview with Ms. Iles while longer, doesn't really go into any depth, although the linkage depth is phenomenal.

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