Thursday, December 15, 2005

Natasha Aimee Hall - Getting better


The last time I wrote about an article by Natasha Aimee Hall in the Gazette, it was a combination of black and white. Black because of numerous factual errors (none sufficiently large enough to do anything but gripe), and white because I quite like it when the Gazette (or any other media outlet for that matter) expands it's arts coverage. In today's newspaper, she writes an article about public art in Old Montreal; the same color combination applies.

The White:
Talking to Marie-Justine Snyder
Getting the names of the artists right (not as easy as you would think)
And mentioning the stuff in the underground passageways

The Black:
She's in the CDP Capital Centre building, she walks across Place Jean-Paul Riopelle to the Palais de Congres and somehow she misses La Joute (yeah, it's winter, but those must've been some pretty big blinders she was wearing). It is the second best sculpture in the whole city.
There's a whack more art that she doesn't mention (but that might not be her fault, due to space restrictions)

If you'd like more information (both about the art she mentioned, and the art she didn't mention) you might want to check out Artexte's database of public art in Montreal which somewhat corresponds to the city of Montreal's database of public art (weird huh? Some pieces are in one, some pieces are in the other, some pieces are in both, the city sometimes has some pictures, and Artexte has a lot of bibliographical information) and then there's the folderol foisted upon an unsuspecting event manager by the Palais de Congres itself (don't miss the pdf file at the bottom for a big belly laugh).

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