Thursday, December 08, 2005

Julia Dault's favorite galleries


In today's National Post, Ms. Dault writes short promo blurbs about six art galleries in various parts of the country, and one internet-only gallery.

In order:
  1. The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
  2. Skew Gallery, Calgary
  3. Cream Gallery, Winnipeg
  4. Katharine Mulherin Art Projects, Toronto
  5. Centre d’art et de diffusion Clark, Montreal
  6. The Khyber, Halifax
  7. and The Other Gallery, the internet
Congrats to everybody on getting the purple prose. I just wish that Ms. Dault had actually done some leg work, here in Montreal there are at least a dozen new galleries that have popped up in the past twelve months, I can't imagine that the situation is different in other cities

These are the one's that I can find easily.
La Fabriq
Joyce Yahouda
Galerie Orange
Balcon d'art
Parisian Laundry
Brigitte Desroches

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