Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Globe & Mail's correction policy


The email I just sent to a bunch of people at the Globe & Mail.

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris from Zeke's Gallery
Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 1:51 PM
To: newsroom@globeandmail.com
Cc: Arts@globeandmail.com; Letters@globeandmail.com;
Edward Greenspon, Editor-in-chief; Sarah Milroy;
Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO
Subject: Sloppy and unprofessional behavior

To the editors;

On Saturday December 10, you published an article where an artist's name was misspelled. Yesterday in the review section you published an article where Paul Greenhalgh's name was misspelled. I wrote to you on the 12th of December informing you of the mistake then, however there was no published correction - nor was the mistake fixed without a published correction. And as of now Mr. Greenhalgh's name has not been corrected either.

I can not believe that if this happened in the sports section, and you published something like "Andy Wozniweski," that it wouldn't be caught and corrected before publication, and if it was an article in the business section and you printed "Jim Balsillee," that the result would be similar. Or if they did make it into print that something would be published as soon as possible so as to acknowledge the mistake.

Why you choose to undermine the credibility of Ms. Milroy, Kamal Al-Solaylee and every other person who writes for your "entertainment" section is something I don't understand.

Chris Hand
Zeke's Gallery
3955 Saint Laurent
Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y4
day/night (514) 288-2233
----- End Message-----

If you aren't up to date on how to spell things; on the 10th, they referred to a street artist as CRUZL when his name is CRUZ1. GREENHALGH was spelled GREENLAGH. WOZNIWESKI is spelled WOZNIEWSKI. And BALSILLEE is spelled BALSILLIE.

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