Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Very sad news, if true


According to this obituary Jori Smith will die on Saturday, November 19. I certainly hope that it is a mistake.

If you'd like some details on Ms. Smith, try this, and this.

It is not intentional that I'm beating up on the Gazette, but they do seem to be doing their best to screw up as much as possible when it comes to the arts (good thing I don't read the other sections of it, eh?).

[update: 5:50 pm, it has been corrected. The sad news is that Ms. Smith died on Sunday the 13th.]

[update: Nov 17, My turn to own up to the obvious typo that I made (the 19th ain't a Saturday). And if you're interested a scan of yesterday's paper. I wonder if anybody at the Gazette thought to publish an apology today.]

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