Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tourism Montreal is just plain ridiculous


For all you budding travel writers out there (or overworked travel editors looking for something simple and easy) Tourism Montreal has conveniently grouped some story ideas together on one page, and then hired someone to write articles on those topics, so that you don't have to! Cool, eh? As they state at the bottom "Tourisme Montréal authorizes you to use and/or reproduce this monthly in whole or in part. If you wish to quote the author, please do."

While I'm not likely to get into whether this is good or bad, the one thing that I find absolutely reprehensible and a shocking lack of respect is that of the 73 "suggested" articles, exactly two of them deal with museums, and art. And you'll never guess which mueums they are. (Drum roll, please) the Redpath Museum, the Lachine Museum, the Ecomusée du Fier Monde and the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec.

And it ain't like they're deliberately trying to steer things to "off the beaten track." There are articles about the underground city, boutique hotels, there's even one on Montréal's Cutting-edge Restaurant Design. So where's the story idea aobut the Musée d'Art Contemporain? Where's the story about the Musée des Beaux Arts? Where the story about the Canadian Centre for Architecture? Or does Tourisme Montréal not think that they are tourist attractions worthy of being written about?

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