Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Terry Dawes is obviously a creative person...


Because he doesn't understand statistics, and runs away from math as fast as possible. yesterday, I came across this piece of expository prose by Mr. Dawes. Which if I am to understand things, references this piece of qualitative & quantitative research by some guy named Kelly Hill.

Basically, Mr. Dawes slams J. Kelly Nestruck for being assigned to write a fluff article in the National Post. I think Mr. Dawes should be directing his anger at Mr. Hill, and not the messenger, since Mr. Hill is the person who was the "statistic monger[s] at some Zogby-esque ...agency." Using statistics published by StatsCan, and then paid for his research by the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage. Mr. Hill, seems to have made a nice little business for himself living off of government funding.

I thoroughly disagree with Mr. Dawes that "there's a point to making a creative map of the country." But instead of complaining about the person who informed me about it, I'd rather use this here soapbox to rail against the people who decided that it was a worthwhile project.

And in the interest of full-disclosure, I was also called by Mr. Nestruck, and then quoted in the article. And as absolutely every other article published about "creative postal codes in Canada" only copy/pasted from the press release, and Mr. Nestruck actually did some legwork to make his article different and interesting, I'd give him some large props for taking his job seriously.

Mr. Hill on the other hand would be better served by closing his firm so that the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Department of Canadian Heritage could actually use the money to fund artists instead of statisticians.

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