Saturday, November 26, 2005

Stuff Seen - Heidi Barkun



After seeing Ms. Barkun's exhibit, I went "hmmmm." This show was held at this place called "The Nest," a for rent gallery on Saint Dominique. However in the booklet that went along with the show, I discovered that Ms. Barkun had in fact previously had a solo exhibition at Simon Blais. Now, normally I thought the line of an artist's career is supposed to start at a for rent gallery and then eventually go to one of those hoity-toity white cube galleries, not the other way 'round.

But while my friend wasn't terribly impressed with Ms. Barkun's work, due to it being sorta kinda similar to someone who she knows really well. I don't have that sort of relationship with her friend so I thought Ms. Barkun's work was quite nice. I wasn't expecting anything mind-blowing, and it didn't blow my mind. But it was a very solid body of work. I don't expect my mom to cook me "Lamb’s lettuce paired with porcini and dressed with truffle vinaigrette" but her noodle pudding is absolutely delicious. Heidi Barkun's work is like my mom's noodle pudding. Nourishing, comfortable, warm and good.

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