Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Props and shout outs to Huw Evans


Cool news out of Saskatoon. According to this article in the Star Phoenix a Canadian has had their drawings accepted by Mad Magazine for publication. His name is Huw Evans, and the piece is called "The World's Crappiest Freakshow," and he got paid $500 (US) for it, according to the article.

And while he deserves congratulations, I vehemently disagree with his ideas about Mad Magazine. It is not the "big enchilada" it used to be, but once it started running advertisements, I stopped my subscription. And now, because of this bit of news, I discovered that they're publishing something called Mad Kids, and that their incentives to get people to subscribe are now "two free issues!!" or "a deck of cards!" Personally, I think the tide has shifted, and the current "place to be" for sophomoric humor is with Viacom.

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