Friday, November 11, 2005

La Presse changes things around and is 50% a lot?


It appears that La Presse has changed the look of their website, umm, actually, brought the inside sections of their website in line to look more like the front page. What I find most interesting, are the headlines for the sub, sub section of Visual Arts.

Six stories, three with prices in the headlines. (A David Smith sculpture sells for $23.8 million, A Mark Rothko painting breaks the sales record..., and a Picasso painting sells for $650,000.) 50%

It can be debated whether this is good or not, and if it ain't good, how to go about changing it. But personally, I think it would be easier in the short term to go with the flow, and bombard art news editors in Canada with information about the prices achieved for contemporary Canadian art.

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