Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'd guess it isn't as much of a blockbuster as they hoped


Interesting stuff today in the Montreal Gazette. Habitually, Wednesday is food day. A bunch of recipes, some restaurant reviews, and a spotlight on something delicious. Fine, no problem there, I'm certain that there are people who enjoy it, and I am certain that Julian Armstrong (the food editor of the Gazette) is a very nice person. But I can't believe that the Musée des Beaux Arts stooped so low as to finagle an article in the newspaper about the food of Provence as a way to get more press (thereby, the belief goes, get more people in the door).

What's next? John Griffin on the movies made in Provence? Eva Friede on the fashions in Provence? Arthur Kaptainis on opera in Provence? I got the best one... Josey Vogels on getting a date in Provence!

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