Monday, November 07, 2005

The Globe and Mail says Inuit art is where it's at. Ummm...


In today's Globe and Mail, James Adams writes about the Inuit Art Fall auction happening at Waddingtons' tonight and tomorrow. His theme throughout the article is how Inuit art has been undervalued for years, and how it is poised to increase in value, substantially in the very near future (like, say, tonight or tomorrow).

He does, what appears to be a not half bad job, referring to a bunch of artists by name. But loses me when he blithely compares the price for "19th-century Navajo rug" sold at Sotheby's, to "an intricate stone sculpture completed earlier this year by Baffin Island's Jacoposie Tiglik." Then when he quotes Duncan McLean, saying "there's more and more chaff nowadays, less and less wheat" as an explanation of why he prefers Inuit art from before 1975, I just got mighty annoyed - unfortunately it was at the end of the article, which meant that I wasn't going to save any significant time by not reading the rest.

If you were to replace all the references to Inuit artists and their art with contemporary Canadian artists and their art, it would be suitable as something to be published on Monday, November 21st (or if the publicist for Ritchies is real good, Saturday the 19th).

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