Friday, November 18, 2005

Andisheh Nouraee needs to walk the walk


Responding to a call from the internet, I present an example of someone who just doesn't get it.

Creative Loafing Atlanta, is sorta, kinda like Hour Magazine or the Montreal Mirror up here. Just not as good judging by their "arts" writer, although I gotta admit they have a slick website.

How Mr. (or Ms., does anybody know if Andisheh is a guy's name or a girl's name?) Nouraee got their job, I dunno. Their column is a collage of badly formed thoughts that are fairly childish attempts at humor which wouldn't even make a 12 year old crack a smile. Flitting from one topic to another, Mr. or Ms. Nouraee always relies on someone, or something else's opinion to make his or her snarky comment; "According to a blurb printed on the wall, the wing "creates a harmonious environment for viewing art." ...I viewed them harmoniously."

If Mr. or Ms. Nouraee is going to write about A&E's two-hour biography of the Bee Gees, and Googling for escort services in Atlanta why would he or she also write about Vik Muniz, Thomas Friedman, Gruppe Freie Elektronische, Charles Nelson and Wardell Milan in the very same same column? Unless of course Mr. or Ms. Nouraee thinks that A&E's two-hour biography of the Bee Gees, and Googling for escort services in Atlanta is a better use of their time.

I will attempt to refrain from making any conclusions about the folk who live in Atlanta based on Mr. or Ms. Nouraee's writing but it sure as shootin' is gonna be tough. But one conclusion I can make. Despite the headline, Mr. or Ms. Nouraee doesn't like art, but needs the gig at Creative Loafing Atlanta in order to make rent, pity there weren't any openings for a pizza delivery person in Georgia.

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