Friday, November 18, 2005

All eyes are not on Lawren Harris for Ritchies Auction of Important Canadian Art


The CBC is all Group of Seven all the Time! Unfortunately, they don't know their auction from their elbow. Although, David Silcox has a complete understanding on who he is talking to. Note to the CBC, if the auction is "Sotheby's in Association with Ritchies" and it is being held at Ritchies (288 King Street East), then it probably is a good bet, that the folk at Ritchies know their stuff. Talking to the president of Sotheby's Canada, is like me talking to some person at Radio-Canada about CBC TV. Head's up to the CBC, if there is a David Milne painting on the cover of the catalogue, it's fairly certain that a David Milne painting is what Ritchies is trying to push.

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