Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Montreal Gazette's editors need to learn to read


Submitted without commentary, two quotes from today's Gazette:

A) "Known as Landau Contemporary at the Dominion Gallery, it immediately took its place as the most spectacular commercial gallery not only in Montreal but likely in all of Canada." Written by Victor Swoboda, about the opening of Landau Contemporary at the Dominion Gallery.

B) "The Parisian, once a major Montreal laundry operation, has been transformed into one of our most chic art venues." Written by Henry Lehmann about the World Press Photo exhibit at the Parisian Laundry.

Awww, I can't help myself - what exactly are the differences between "the most spectacular" and "most chic?" I wonder what adjectives are going to be used for Galerie Orange, Galerie Simon Blais, Galerie Yves Laroche, and Studio 261?

Then, if I remember correctly, Mr. Lehmann already called Galerie Orange a work of art in its own right. Mr. Swoboda definitely needs to vist Olga Korper's gallery next time he's in Toronto. And what the heck does what the gallery itself look like have any bearing on the art?

Apologies, but it ain't my fault that both articles are money-walled.

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