Sunday, October 16, 2005

After vernissage thoughts


I'm tired (duh!). A good, if not great time was had by all who came to the vernissage last night. I know because I asked all 120 of them, personally. As a consequence all I'm doing to today is reading the New York Times and thinking about going back to bed.

Since I'm not in bed yet, these three things struck me as interesting in today's New York Times.

"Certainly it's frustrating when people don't wish to understand what you do and don't wish to learn," Mr. Houser said. "Anyone who plays any of our games and wishes to criticize it, having played it, experienced it and thought about it, they are of course welcome to do that. But when large numbers of people criticize something and haven't even done it, it's very frustrating. There's a large amount of the population that lives in relative ignorance and only hears scary stories about what we do." - from this article about Rockstar games.
I can definitely relate.

Despite the tone of his songs, his feelings about the state of the world don't seem to have softened. "There's an evil spirit that lurks among us," he said. "It's present in a different way now, a product of those things that we left undealt with, unresolved." He continued: "But I'm really not angry, I'm saddened, I'm disappointed, but I'm trying to do the best I know how to do. And I'm encouraging everyone else to do their best, give the love you have in your spirit, because I think that people are beginning to see the consequences of what they do or don't do." from this article about the new Stevie Wonder album.
I definitely agree.

A reconstruction of André Breton and Nicolas Calas's wine-glass chess set.
A reconstruction of André Breton and Nicolas Calas's wine-glass chess set. The photo was taken by Kevin Noble/Noguchi Museum and shamelessly lifted from this article about "The Imagery of Chess Revisited," at the Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, Queens.
Now I'm going to bed...

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