Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The view from a Dummy® (or Austin Macdonald get's it wrong)


Obviously John Wiley & Sons, Inc doesn't pay an awful lot to their writers. Austin Macdonald, (co-writer of Montreal for Dummies) wrote an article about Montreal for Art & Antiques Magazine. He piles on the clichés:
"a modern-day Babylon—decadent, hedonistic and multi-lingual
"Montreal remains one of the cheapest cities of its size in North America."
"the second-largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris."

(All of which are flat-out wrong)

And then, because of the nature of the publication for which he is writing he proceeds to make a list of arts related places to go see.

I for one, am extremely thankful that this here gallery did not make it onto the list. Why for a second he would think that the people reading Art & Antiques Magazine would be interested in going to see what's at Dazibao, or Quartier Ephémère, I have no clue. And while I'm no expert on Antiques, I'm fairly certain that he missed some key places, since there are only three antique shops on his list.

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