Saturday, September 17, 2005

No wonder Ken Thomson adores the Group of Seven


It's been a while since I mentioned the Go7. But I came accross this article (thanks to the Montreal City Weblog, because I am not in the habit of reading travel sections of any newspaper). Somehow, the powers that be at the Globe and Mail decided that the preview article about the latest and greatest should be stuck in the Travel section. I'm not certain I like the idea, but then again I'm not certain I dislike the idea either.

Given that it is in the Globe and Mail, (owned by Mr. Thomson) the line that caught my eye was this one:
There is something reassuring about finding a scene that you have known in a painting; it gives not only a sense of connection with history, but also a palpable sense of relief that at least a small part of the world hasn't become a highway or shopping mall.
So that's what I've been missing all these years, trying to figure out what is the fascination with landscape painting in general and the Group of Seven in specific.

Another thing that's sorta nice about the article (written by Deanna MacDonald) is that it seems like the Globe and Mail is grudgingly joining the internet revolution. They included a slide show to go with the article, although most of the pictures are taken by Ms. MacDonald. What I'm going to have to check once the show is up and running, is if the paintings Ms. MacDonald references are actually in the exhibit at the Musée des Beaux Arts, or if she just pulled them from thin air.

Whether this means that Sarah Milroy won't be previewing and then reviewing the Right under the Sun: Landscape in Provence, from Classicism to Modernism, 1750-1920 exhibit, I don't know.

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