Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nice morning reading


Woke up today, and saw this. It easily put a smile on my face.

For the unilingual English folk, you might want to try this version.

I particularly like this line:
"Chris Hand, est reconnu pour ...ses positions tranchées." I like being tranchées.

And it does appear that the sides have already been chosen, one of the quotes from Mr. Mayer is [translated by computer] "I do absolutely not agree with two thirds of what it thinks on what occurs in the world, especially in Quebec. But it has a public and it is a natural public for the museum." Or in slightly clearer language, Mr. Mayer is not in agreement with a large majority of the Quebecois public what Chris Hand thinks (my bad, sorry), but thinks that the folk who come to my gallery are the people who should come to his museum, so therefore they need to be catered to. [edited so as to not make me look completely foolish once I learned that I can't read French to save my life!]

And a little but further down, "Les étudiants anglophones sont dans la mire du musée." Or "The Anglophone students are in the test card of the museum." [new update: I've been informed that the computer translator should have written "Anglophone students are in the 'aim' of the museum." Man! You would've figured I'd have learned something after being here for 30 years.]

On both of them (assuming I'm translating things correctly) I'm on the opposite side of the fence. Should make for a fun evening, even if we couldn't stage it WWF-style.

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