Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Love & the Machine - been there, done that


A little slow on the uptake, late last month Matthew Woodley interviewed the organizers of Love & the Machine, Christine La Fontaine and Jessica Darlington. In Hour magazine, Isa Tousignant also wrote a breathless preview of the event.

Some of the choicer quotes:
"They're way into the multidisciplinary thing too" - Ms. Tousignant
"I got an A Grant" - Scott Mcleod
"It'll be fun." - Ms. La Fontaine
"we're trying to let a crowd of organic beings roam free within the confines of techno-aesthetics, you'll understand once you get there." - Ms. La Fontaine
"do you think the people in attendance would be savvy and resourceful enough to live off the land for a few weeks until things returned to normal?" - Mr. Woodley (being prescient)
I ended up going, and all I can say is Ms. La Fontaine and I are on completely opposite sides of the fence. I did not understand, nor did I find it particularly fun. Also, as long as I'm griping; in Ms. Tousignant's article she writes "the mandate behind the fresh-faced organization is to promote the arts through the dissemination of works by emerging creators." Somehow I find it difficult to comprehend how Mr. McLeod (the recipient of an A grant) who proudly states on his flyer (a sorta CV type thing) that he has been a full-time artist without any other job since 1987 qualifies.

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