Saturday, September 10, 2005

Juicy Stuff!!


This one's too good to pass up. On the National Gallery's website, they list all of Pierre Theberge's Travel & Hospitality expenses since December 1, 2003.

I've compiled them all into one handy-dandy pdf file, available here. [329 KB]

While I'm no accountant, it does appear that our director is a fairly frugal guy. I wasn't able to spot any outrageous meals, or silly purchases. However, what I found rather interesting was that he seems to have taken a shine to the Roger Bellemare gallery (he visited it three times) and he even goes so far as to mention Maclean's show (see page 13).

The only other artists mentioned in the report are Edmund Alleyn, Betty Goodwin, Rita Letendre, Léon Golub, Tom Benner, and Geneviève Cadieux. Looks like he's in good company.

I'm going to have to dig up my application that I made to the Art Bank back in 2003 or something. I offered them The Tom Thompson Equation, by Maclean. They said "Thanks, but no." Betcha dollars to donuts they end up buying it through M. Bellemare for significantly more than they would have paid had they bought it then. So much for juries being able to identify art if it poked them in the eye.

The Tom Thompson Equation, by Maclean
The Tom Thompson Equation, by Maclean

The other thing that piqued my interest was how he got together with Marcel Brisebois (the ex-director of the Musée d'Art Contemporain) twice. Yet he didn't "officially" meet Marc Mayer (the current director) once. And how he specifies having lunch with the Director of Administration and Finance of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, aka Paul Lavallée twice, while never mentioning Guy Cogeval (the director of the museum) even once.

Ain't gossip fun!

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