Sunday, September 25, 2005

Artivistic Wrapped Up and put to bed


Yes siree bob! The Artivistic Conference is history. I'd like to thank Jack Ruttan of Utopia Moment, Miriam Verberg of The Flink, Franklin Einspruch of Artblog.net (and Dawn, too), Karen D'Amico of Fluid Thinking, Sabine Modder of Art MoCo (and Harry, too) for all participating - and coming from some extremely long distances. (3,255 miles in Karen's case, 1,409 miles in Franklin's case, and 102 miles in Sabine's case).

I quite enjoyed all the discussions, and for the one discussion where the organizers of the conference had not double booked the participants we actually had 35 people listening to us.

What I find most telling about the experience of the conference as a whole, is that so far, only one art blogger has written about it, and there ain't much coming from technorati, either. It could have to do with it being the weekend an all.

On the other hand, it also could have to do with the organizers of the conference not being too open and inviting to people, combined with a lack of some organizational skills. I got told numerous times that things weren't as free and easy, as one would have expected.

On the other hand, being able to have face-to-face discussions with people about the nature and details of why they blog about art, far out did anything negative that came from the conference itself.

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