Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Zev Tiefenbach (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission


I've been working - here's the press release for Zev's exhibit.

For immediate release
Images available upon request

Zev Tiefenbach (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission

Opens August 25 at Zeke's Gallery

Zev Tiefenbach (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission opens August 25 at Zeke’s Gallery. Zev Tiefenbach (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission is a wistful meditation on communication and city life. His images, accompanied by text and sound, evoke the way in which all communication is, in some sense, miscommunication. They reveal as much as they conceal, beautifully embodying all that gets lost in translation in conversation between two people, and hangs unrequited in the air. Go ahead dial the number, see for yourself.

Similar to Lee Friedlander or Nan Goldin (minus her friends), the images depict urban landscapes that are at once both familiar and strange. The pieces that compose (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission, are neither cold nor satirical. For example, in works like (514) 907-0775 ext 806, a harsh and tacky 24 hour cigarette store done up in cheap garland for the holidays - is made vulnerable and curious by the image’s askew angle and the inclusion of text. Indeed, the addition of the sentence, “[L]ater, in her apartment he doesn’t say anything, only sits on the unmade bed,” renders the piece a thoughtful internal monologue. These images do not try to take over what they depict. They attempt to understand and grant access to a very private world of human consciousness. The images that do include people, emphasize how large the gulfs between the You, the I and the eye are. Tiefenbach is able to bridge these gaps in a very thought provoking manner that prevents the show from becoming a standard photography exhibit that is dreary and bleak. Indeed the gift that Tiefenbach has is the ability to stop the constant movement of life for an instant dead in its tracks which ends up making the banal both beautiful and dreamy.

Zev Tiefenbach went to Concordia University. He then proceeded to organize and coordinate the People's Potato, a vegetarian soup kitchen for students. After a stint managing the finances at CKUT Tiefenbach is currently pursuing photography full-time. He also is very active in the Palestinian cause. This is his first solo exhibition.

For (514) 907-0775 Binary by Submission - there will be six (6) separate vernissages, or openings. Thursday, August 25 - a Zeke's Gallery Member's Only preview at 5 pm. Friday, August 26 - a non-smoking vernissage at 5 pm. Friday, August 26 - Toronto exile preview at 7 pm. Saturday, August 27 - The Smoking vernissage at 7 pm. Sunday, August 28 - the Kid Friendly vernissage at Noon, and Sunday, August 28 - the Pet Friendly vernissage at 3 pm. On Monday the 29th everybody will sleep.

Zeke’s Gallery, a non-profit commercial art gallery, only exhibits First Solo Shows. It has been voted the best gallery in Montréal for the past 4 years. Tiefenbach’s exhibition is the 45th in an ongoing series, graciously supported by Contact Image and CKUT. During the exhibition (514) 907-0775 ext 805 one of Tiefenbach's prints (along with a CD of the audio) will be raffled off to a lucky patron. The exhibition continues at Zeke's Gallery (3955 Saint Laurent, 514-288-2233) until October 4th, 2005. Zeke's Gallery is also open from roughly 10 am until 8 pm seven days a week, and by appointment.

If you would like more information on Zev's work, please click here.

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