Sunday, July 03, 2005

What I read about the 2005 Venice Biennale


Ok, most of the hype has died down, and I have finally found time to read the 30 articles that I bookmarked about the 2005 Venice Biennale.

  1. New York Times: Questions for Ed Ruscha.
  2. New York Times: Subdued Biennale Forgoes Shock Factor.
  3. New York Times: Global Village Whose Bricks Are Art.
  4. Contessanally: Blogging Venice.
  5. Le Monde: French Artist don't export well.
  6. Le Monde: Feminising Creation.
  7. Toronto Star: In all directions.
  8. Toronto Star: T.O. artists crashing Venice's party.
  9. Toronto Star: The fountain of truth.
  10. Slate: Word on the Canal.
  11. Artnet.com: Festive Venice.
  12. Artnet.com: Top Ten Reasons to Love the Venice Biennale.
  13. Artforum: Critics Weigh in on The Biennale.
  14. Los Angeles Times: Art ambassador.
  15. Los Angeles Times: Fueled by politics.
  16. The Telegraph: Ten hot Biennale artists.
  17. CBC.ca: Renaissance Women.
  18. CBC.ca: Painting the Town Red.
  19. Wasington Post: Fading Glory.
  20. Washington Post: Some Disassembly Required.
  21. Washington Post: From Colombia to Venice, a Haunting Refrain.
  22. Washington Post: A Cell With the Power to Transform.
  23. Washington Post: In Venice, Nothing Hidden Under These Rugs.
  24. Washington Post: At the Biennale, Women Who Rock the Gondola.
  25. Artinfo.com: Notes from the Biennale 1.
  26. Artinfo.com: Notes from the Biennale 2.
  27. The Guardian: 'It's appalling!'
  28. The Guardian: Dearth in Venice.
  29. The Georgia Straight: Fountain of Truth.
  30. Canadian Art Magazine: The Waters of Venice: Rebecca Belmore at the 51st Biennale.

Now that I've read 'em, I'm too tired to write about 'em. Go read 'em yourself and drawn your own conclusions.

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