Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stuff happening here in Montreal


On Saturday, Alexandre, over at Mnemosyne wrote about the project by Felix Huber et Florian Wüst, sponsored by Oboro in Square Saint Louis got vandalized.

Then, yesterday I came across Mike Patten's post from last Wednesday about Alvéole by Marc Dulude was destroyed while it was at Place des Arts.

I'm of two minds about these events. Both are completely contradictory to each other. And for what it is worth, I was not able to see either one.

Number One: I am completely shocked and aghast that the public here in Montreal could be so brainless and unthinking as to vandalize something as benign as a piece of art.

Number Two: I am completely shocked and aghast that the organizers of art that was to be displayed in public could be so brainless and unthinking as to think that art in the public domain would be left pristine.

Then a third point (and sorta off topic) I am completely shocked and aghast at myself, for missing this - after all it was written about in the freakin' weeklies a month ago. Good thing I'm not omniscient, eh?

I particularly like the dialogue that transpired between the vandals and the vandalized in Square Saint Louis, which is pretty clearly explained by Christine Redfern in the Mirror. The notes passed between them (transcribed on Alexandre's blog) are hilarious.

What I like about Alvéole by Marc Dulude, is that they didn't let the vandalism get 'em down. After it was busted, he just went and made another, very cool response.

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