Monday, June 06, 2005

Statistics in brief from the Quebec Government


They released some interesting numbers from Statistics Quebec today. All about Museums. You can download the 12 page pdf file here. Beyond the usual bafflegab and gobbledy-gook, there is one thing I found very interesting. On page 11, they state that about 5,000,000 people went to museums in Montreal in 2004. If you remember, all the way back last week, the powers that be trumpeted that about 125,000 people went to all the museums in Montreal on "Montreal Museum's Day." So, if my math skills are still good, that means that 2.5% of their total attendance was due to Museum's day.

Then, it gets weirder, I went to the Board of Montreal Museum Directors website to get a copy of their annual report to see how much it cost 'em to get that 2.5%, and guess what? Apparently it was free! It didn't cost them a cent, and it didn't make 'em a cent.

Sounds sorta fishy to me, no wonder there is no accountant who signed off on it.

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