Sunday, June 26, 2005

More Backlog #5


And this article seems to have gotten buried, bith by mainstream and non-mainstream press. According to Joan Delaney, StatsCan is reporting that "Canada's export of cultural goods—such as art and music—has been steadily declining for the last four years. In 2004 it reached its lowest point since 1997..."

Read the report in its entirety here. Although if you do click on the link, you'll quickly realize that Ms. Delaney's article has been rendered moot, because StatsCan said "we made a mistake." You also might notice that The Epoch Times didn't think it necessary to make a correction, or pull the article, even though it was written a full 12 days after the retraction by StatsCan.

Obviously, I'm not going to be reading anything by Joan Delaney any more.

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