Friday, June 17, 2005

A Grinder, A Saw and a Cello this Sunday


I got this phone call from some guy named Gerhard in Detroit yesterday about the possibility of arranging a gig for Sakamoto Hiromiti this Sunday. It's a go. So I then realized that I needed to do something slightly different in order to publicize the show.

This is what I know about Sakamoto Hiromiti; "he is a cellist who also performs using voices, musical saws, among other things. In order to pursue and broaden the possibilities of the cello, he dares to use various effects, bumping and thumping, scrubbing, and goes so far as to use an electric drill or a grinder, producing sparks. His radical yet lyrical performance are indeed an experience."

It's gonna set you back $5 so that they can pay for gas.

Cool, eh? With a little luck, the place won't burn down. More details about Mr. Hiromiti here.

If you know of anybody else who might be interested, by all means either bring them and/or let 'em know.

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