Saturday, June 25, 2005

Getting rid of the backlog #3


I came across this program at HEC, which then led to this conference which is happening here in about 10 days.

Some of the more interesting talks are:
1. Take Me Out to the Opera: Are Sports and Arts Complements? by Sarah S. Montgomery and Michael Robinson. I'd say yes.
2. The Whipple "Time-clock" Experiment: Measurement of Visitor Engagement in a Small Museum by Niall G. Caldwell
3. We Need your Help! The Influence of Company-Consumer Relationships on Consumer Responses to Requests for Help by Jennifer Wiggins
4. Product Orientation in Contemporary Art Organisations by Marta Fumagalli and Massimiliano Nuccio
5. Perceived Success in the Arts by Dagmar Abfalter and Peter J. Mirski
6. The Strategic Development of Museum by Chiara Bernardi
7. What Makes Cities’ Marketing Policies Successful in Sustaining Contemporary Arts and Creating Social Value? by Michela Addis and Marta Fumagalli

And about another baker's dozen. I've asked if they will be giving out press passes to blogers, but haven't heard back from them. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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