Friday, June 10, 2005

David Byrne's Call to Arms!


I confess, I read Alex Ross's blog, every day. Last week he wrote an article for the New Yorker about the history of recording (by the way, a very nice read). Then, last week David Byrne wrote a companion piece on his blog (which I confess, I don't read every day). What caught my eye, and got me all excited was this line:
people making music for themselves and their friends is now rare, at least for most people. People are now timid and afraid to make it, or at least to play it themselves. They can’t compare to the recorded sounds and mixes that everyone has become used to. But I suspect that will change. The social aspect will lead to new forms — to troubadours and poets who aren’t afraid of sounding occasionally unprofessional, to more ergonomic interfaces with laptops, and to the unheard and untrained meeting with high-tech virtuosity.
Which pretty much sums up what happens here at the gallery when musicians show up.

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