Thursday, May 05, 2005

Significant news you won't see anywhere else, I think


I don't think that any of the four daily newspapers, four alternative weeklies, six local TV stations, or any the numerous radio stations will pick up on this one. But as it will have a direct impact on me and my life I'd like to give a big shout out and props to Catherine Wild. According to this Press Release Concordia has named her the new dean of Fine Arts.

From a quick scan of available information on the web, it looks like she has crossed over to the administrative side, full time. The most recent work of hers that I can find is from 1996. There is also this collection of her work, too.

I'm not entirely certain what "Foundation Studies" are (her previous appointment was as Dean of Foundation Studies at OCAD) but she seems to have taken her printmaking seriously. If anybody reading this from Toronto knows her or has any more background, I'd love to hear about it. She will be affecting the artists I see over the next five years.

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