Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Separated at birth?


Well, things are looking up. I just got my first invitation to a media preview. Granted it ain't like the re-opening of MOMA, but things here in Canada ain't New York. But I gotta thank Wanda Palma and her staff, at the Musée des Beaux Arts for being the first museum here in town to come through big time. I will be there, with bells on, and be asking for a in depth interview with Jacques Des Rochers (who I assume is the curator of the show).

The show is called Edwin Holgate, and on a cursory glance, I think that their timing is wonderful. In the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, they have this painting by Mr. Holgate.

Today the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo released pictures of what King Tut was supposed to have looked like:

Maybe Mr. Holgate was a time traveler. Hmmm... I hope they were able to score "The Head" for the show?

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