Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Q&D Analysis #1 - Young artists are screwed


I've been going through the various froofraw pushed out by the Canada Council today. And I have come across one thing that looks like a humongous slap in the face to anybody making art today who has not been making art since 2002. To quote the introduction:
General Eligibility Criteria

To meet the above definition of a professional visual artist, you must have:

* produced an independent body of work;
* made at least three public presentations of work in a professional context over a three year period;
* maintained an independent professional practice for at least three years;
Initially they had suggested the idea of giving $5,000 for "First Exhibits." Now they have twisted around 180 degrees, and cut out any new artist completely. Much as I feared the people receiving grants now, are so scared about the possibility of losing their precious funding, that they successfully shut out anyone who isn't already part of their group.

Yes, I realize I am painting this as black and white, and that there are going to be work arounds, but it ain't a good start.

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