Sunday, May 08, 2005

Portraiture as a vocation


Yesterday's Ottawa Citizen has an article about Gertrude Kearn's portraits of General Romeo Dallaire which hang in the new War Museum in Ottawa. Fine enough, keeping visual art in the news is always a good thing. Because they didn't have a really good picture of the portraits - which General Dallaire thinks should be placed somewhere else - I went searching.

Came up with this:

I also discovered that Veteran's Affairs Canada paid Ms. Kearns $17,000 for what I think are the two paintings they bought for the museum. I would also imagine, that either the Ontario Arts Council and/or the Canada Council for the Arts kicked in some cash (although I'm hard pressed to find if they did). As her paintings were exhibited at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts in Toronto in 2002 I would also make a guess that they paid some sort of artist's fee.

Now imagining a best case scenario, $17K from Veteran's Affairs, something like $10K from both Ontario and Canada, and using the largest amount from Carfac $3,500 for the show, which would add up to slightly more than $50,000 which I would imagine would be about two years worth of work for Ms. Kearns. Doing the division, that means she earned $25,000/year, which is not an awful lot of money. I wonder how much Joe Geurts is earning per year?

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