Friday, May 13, 2005

Background on how galleries start


As this article is in The Globe and Mail, you're gonna have to catch it quick. Sarah Milroy profiles Jessica Bradley, who most recently worked at the Art Gallery of Ontario as a curator. The reason for the profile, is the high profile opening of Ms. Bradley's art gallery. As an aside, she's going to have to work on her page rank, without quotes, she appears thirteenth on Google, with quotes, twelfth.

She's not the first government bureaucrat, to ditch the comfortable confines of an institute and branch out into something a little less secure, I can only hope she is as successful as Pierre-Fran├žois Ouellette.

Some of the more interesting bits (if you're reading this, say next week) were, "she is taking her cue from New York galleries such as CRG, Casey Kaplan, Murray Guy and Tracy Williams..."
"...it was never about the real estate." Although, a little later in the article, she touts this, "We bought Doris Salcedo for the AGO in 1997 for $25,000 (U.S.). Today that piece would be in the $400,000 to $500,000 range." And "the same holds for the cube sculpture covered in iron filings by London-based Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum, acquired in the same year by the AGO for $35,000 and now worth $250,000."

So it might not be about the land, but it sure as shootin' looks like it is about the money.

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