Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yet another reason to mention how wonderful Rebecca Mazzei is as a writer


Jeezus! This is becoming like an obsession! I gotta stop it. But Peter Goddard writes a 550 word article about a sold out program at the Royal Ontario Museum. Now there are tons of jokes that I can make at the expense of Torontonians, because of the fact that they would even consider paying $155 to learn how to paint-by-numbers, but I'll hold my tongue, and let you think up the punch lines. I just hope that for that price, some velvet is included.

The reason I bring up Ms. Mazzei, again, is that in going through her archives last week, I found that she had written yet another wonderful article about the inventor of paint-by-numbers back in July, 2004 (as an aside, just to underline how wonderful her writing is, I spent 30 minutes searching through the New York Times' Magazine's archives looking for the article because I was certain that I had read it there). As the Smithsonian did an entire exhibit on paint by numbers in 2001, I can only assume that not on are Torontonians foolish with their money, but they are also four years behind the times. And then finally, for those of you who want to try your hand at it, on line, click here.

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