Saturday, April 23, 2005

Years spent on a single painting, minutes spent on words about the painting


In today's Globe & Mail (attention the link will be lost in less than seven days) Gary Michael Dault writes a very positive review about the most recent exhibition by Harold Klunder at the Clint Roenisch Gallery. Unfortunately he quotes from "show's invitation card, 'Klunder works on single paintings for long periods, sometimes years at a time, and in doing so they become invested with a deep, mutable, interior sense of self. His paintings are vivid evidence of his effort to give shape to consciousness itself.'"

For the less artspeak fluent around - "giving shape to consciousness itself." Could be explained as "being aware," and that "deep, mutable, interior sense of self," could be pronounced easier if you said, "they are fairly original." Now I haven't seen the paintings themselves, so I can't comment on them, and I'm fairly certain that they do rock, but c'mon! The review is 416 words long. 10% of it is the quote, which to me does nothing to add to what Mr. Dault has previously said, and in fact takes away from it.

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