Thursday, April 21, 2005

What you might be interested about in the Quebec Budget

From page 14, of the budget speech, and the picture is from page 52 of the budget plan.
Promoting arts and culture

: increase private investment
Culture is not only the mirror of our society, but also the torch that enables it to shine throughout the world. Last year, we introduced various measures to improve the socioeconomic conditions of Québec creators. It was a gesture in recognition of the tremendous contribution artists make to the growth of our culture. This year, our objective is to increase business investment in Québec culture. For our cultural industry to flourish, everyone must invest. That is why the Minister of Culture and Communications set up a steering committee composed of representatives from the cultural community and government. Although the committee has not yet completed its work, it has already proposed scenarios for encouraging private investment.

Concrete measures
I am pleased to be able to implement some of their proposals immediately. First, I am announcing the creation of Placements Culture, which will support development of the arts and culture thanks to private sector contributions. To get this initiative off to a running start, the government will contribute $5 million.
The Minister of Culture and Communications will announce the terms and conditions of this measure in the weeks to come.
Again with the aim of fostering increased private-sector contributions to the funding of culture, I am announcing that museum memberships will be given the same tax treatment as theatre subscriptions and, as a result, will be fully tax-deductible.
I am also announcing an additional $5 million in funding to support some of our museums that are experiencing financial problems.
Lastly, I am announcing that the capital cost allowance rate for businesses that acquire works by our artists will be raised from 20% to 33 1/3%.
If I had a vote, I would seriously consider giving it to Charest. Then again, there's always the plaint of "he could've done more!" And I'd love to see the list of museums that are getting funding. I'm certain that the people at the museums not "experiencing financial problems" are not going to be happy.

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