Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Shafting the artist, episode 7,865


Next I saw this press release put out by one of my favorite organizations, the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent. In it, they use the normal purple prose to go on and on about Saint Laurent. What I found reprehensible is that they have published a poster (see below)

"To pay tribute to Ryan Larkin, SDBSL has produced a commemorative poster for the 100th anniversary of The Main illustrating one of his works. This poster will be sold at Main Madness from June 16 to 19 and August 25 to 28, and a portion of the proceeds will help Mr. Larkin create his next film."
Now last I checked, it is possible to get a poster printed for something like 10¢ a pop. Given that the SDBSL gets its money from a tax on a tax that is paid by all of the businesses on Saint Laurent, I find it utterly disgusting that they are not giving all of the proceeds to Mr. Larkin. Why they think that they're need for money is more important than his is just flat out bad.

For the out-of-towners who would like some background on Mr. Larkin, start here, then go here for the recent history.

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