Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Rebecca Mazzei is a wonderful writer


Don't ask how or why I came across this article from the Metro Times Detroit, but I did (ok, sorta simple, enter Canada and Artist into Google News).

It's 4,000+ words long and should have been longer.

Lines like "His pointer finger is lined by a thick-skinned split of red, covered by a Band-Aid that’s been through its own war."

And "On the west side of Van Dyke, rust bleeds down cars as they drive by, and crumbling brick scabs old buildings. On the street’s east side, there’s something mystical about Mt. Olivet Cemetery’s rolling hills of quietude. The graveyard looks more alive than the rest of the neighborhood. The two sides seem to echo Werden’s complex duality: He fights for his life while living like he’s dying."

And "Both were gorgeous spaces, enlivened by the strikes and curves of sculpture and jammin’ jolts of color on canvas, indicative of the local cult of personality he's known."

I might have to add her to my regular list of reads.

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