Thursday, April 07, 2005

Not Visual Art, but...


They just don't get it! Most of the people that they have reading have no clue how to find verbal dynamics if I drew them a map. The woman that they have doing color commentary, Wendy Morton, obviously is uncomfortable doing anything other than using a pen - unfortunately the fine folk who asked to go on air forgot to give her a script.

I've heard most (but not all) entries, and the closest I've heard to anything that even approaches interesting is Christian Bök's. Unfortunately, since he's an academic white boy from Calgary he can't hold a candle to this and since he doesn't look a day over twenty-two he obviously is completely unaware of these guys. So all he ends up doing is continuing the fine tradition done best by Pat Boone, of copying other folk and completely sucking the heart and soul out of what they did.

Although, to give Mr. Bök some credit, he does it in a completely Canadian manner, by calling what he does something that it is not. (For the most famous and recent example of this see Janet Cardiff do electro-acoustic music as a visual artist.)

Is there anybody at the CBC who is even slightly more than just utterly incompetent?

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