Friday, April 01, 2005

New Visual Arts writer alert!


Christopher Paré seems to be new hire at Hour magazine. He writes a 475 word review of the Melanie Garcia exhibit called Cold Buffet.

To start, I like the alliteration at the top (which might in fact be the sub-headline, I can't tell from the internet version) but instead of the word "sterile," if it had been me, I would have used something like "dry," or "disinfected." And as the alliteration continues throughout the article, it makes for breezy reading. However, phrases like "more suggestive than didactic," "visual dualities" and "subversion of form" slow it down to a sludge-like pace. I don't know if the references to Van Eyck and Hitchcock are entirely necessary in a piece that doesn't break 500 words, and hope that Mr. Paré focuses on the artist and the artist's work in future articles, instead of his vocabulary and what he remembers from Art History 214.

If, as he mentions, there are only six really big digital prints, how about describing more than one of them, and in more detail? What about not glossing over the sources? Or conversely, if Ms. Garcia really wants people to "read into" her images, then what about more than 475 words? Overall I'd give the article a B- and say that it shows some promise.

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