Friday, April 22, 2005

New Blog Roll Additions


Tragic Bliss - Art Blog
The OC Art Blog - ditto
Chris Ashley: Look, See - Artist Blog
Kunstspaziergänge - German Art Blog
Markmaking - Art Blog
New Art - Art Blog
JMG Artblog - Like it says
www.tapestryresource.com - Art Blog
Art Blog - duh!
Iowa Art Blog - cool, eh?
University of Michigan School of Art & Design blog (A&D Plus) - Art Blog

Actually I have about 29 additions that need to go up - the one's above are those that are specifically art related. My best guess is that I need to seriously re-jig the blogroll, which might have to wait until the weekend. This, I think, serves as a public reminder to myself that it needs to be done. Thansk for bearing with me.

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