Thursday, April 14, 2005

I am disappointed with Peter Goddard


One of the things I strongly suggest to artists exhibiting here, is that they limit themselves and not have anything else exhibited within three months (before & after) a show here. Why? Case in point #563C: This 1,304 word feature about Kelly Mark. She currently has three (count 'em, three!) shows up and running. If you do the math with me, that amounts to less than 435 words per show. Not good coverage if you ask me. I'd prefer to space the shows out and get 1,000+ words, three separate times.

Then to focus my attention on Mr. Goddard, somewhere towards the end of the article he quotes her dealer (which, to me, amounts to his tacit agreement) "Kelly is a major artist." Disappointment #1 - If she's a major artist, why not do a 1,300 word feature when she doesn't have a show? Or perhaps a full on review of at least one of the shows?

Disappointment #2 - His first paragraph name drops Jim Morrison and Jeff Koons, and then he goes so far as to use the fancy-ass word "abattoir," just to show how sophisticated he is. Given this picture of Ms. Mark's neighborhood and Mr. Goddard's desire to make a metaphor for her life out of organization, I would have gone for the park up the street, or perhaps the highway down the street. And I would have completely dropped the name-dropping. What does a dead pop star have to do with Contemporary Canadian Art?

Disappointment #3 - He quotes unnamed sources. C'mon, this ain't the Gommery commission. If he couldn't find anybody who would say that Ms. Mark was a perfectionist and obsessive for the record, then maybe she isn't.

I guess, sometimes everybody has a bad day.

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