Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wicked Cool Book


Dana Velan and Daniel Canty have come up with a super spectacular book. It's called Nor, and it truly is wonderful.

As they put it:
20 artists and 8 writers from across Canada are invited to embody their « ideas of north. » Their works are compiled in a unique, portfolio-style art book. nor is a portable exhibit and the imaginary map of a place where we live.
The artists participating are: Patrick Beaulieu, Nancy Bleck, Philippe Corriveau, Benoît Depelteau, Rachel Gareau, Guillaume Lachapelle, Jacky Georges Lafargue, David Liss, Alain Massé, Ed Pien, Alexandre Saint-Jalm, John Scott, Rafael Sottolichio, Diana Thorneycroft, Marie-Hélène Turcotte, Dana Velan, Nicola Woods, Jackie Wexler, Myriam Yates, and Juno Youn.

The launch is tonight, at librairie Gallimard, 3700 Saint-Laurent, at 7pm as it says in the picture. Swing by, it'll be great.

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