Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why math is important


Over at Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green posted something way too early in the AM (and likely before he had his first cup of coffee). In the midst of a rant about attendance figures at the Guggenheim Museum, he writes this: "That's why their permanent collection shows draw more people than shows of Matthew Barney, Brancusi, Jeff Koons or Brazil." Unfortunately, according to the figures he states, the Barney and Brancusi shows were better attended than the Permanent Collection show they had on Bill Viola.

My best guess on looking at the numbers is that people prefer group shows to solo exhibits. Although since their figures are rather tightly grouped (all in between 3,346 per day and 2,849 per day) I would also hazard a guess that there isn't that much of a diff between them all, and the dates (which ones were the "Summer Blockbusters?") would be a more significant reason why people go or don't go to the Guggenheim Museum.

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