Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Old Stuff - #2


Still in February The Guardian published an article talking about attendance figures and incidental stuff. Big name shows boost gallery figures by Richard Jinman. While I'm not at all interested in the quotes, or analysis that they use to try to soften these sort of articles, I am very interested in the figures themselves. The survey is done every year by The Art Newspaper. If you're interested you can get copies of the 2004, 2003, 2001 and 2000 just by clicking on the numbers themselves. (Sorry I wasn't able to find the 2002 figures easily.)

The "most popular show" in Canada in 2004 was Eternal Egypt at the ROM. It averaged 3,465 people per day for a total of 346,534.
Second was Turner, Whistler, Monet at the AGO with an average of 2,630, and a total of 210,000.
Third: Art Deco, 1910-39 ROM with 1,921 and 205,505.
Fourth: Cardiff, Kikauka and Kormeling at the Power Plant with 1,640 and 112,700*.
Fifth: Superflex, Kelly Wood, Christian Jankowski, at the Power Plant with 1,214 and 56,350*.
Sixth: Richter, Delvoye, Boyle, Isaac, Tony Romano at the Power Plant with 885 and 44,100*.
Seventh: Global village at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with 810 and 108,154.
Eigth: Jean Cocteau at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with 709 and 70,627.

As Eternal Egypt is at the MBAM right now, it'll be interesting to see how the attendance here compares to when it was in Toronto.

Also, the reason for the * on the Power Plant's figures is that the figures that they give are combined - in other words they are three or four separate and different shows that they run concurrently and then just count the gross figures instead of for each individual exhibt. As the Power Plant is a one price gets you in to everything sort of place, they obviously don't think that there's anything wrong with combining attendance figures like that. I, however, do. They should propperly title their shows as Summer (instead of Cardiff, Kikauka and Kormeling), Fall (instead of Superflex, Kelly Wood, Christian Jankowski - and what happened to "Seven New Denmarks?") and Spring (instead of Richter, Delvoye, Boyle, Isaac, Tony Romano).

Then (and almost last) where the heck are the figures for the Musee d'Art Contemporain? If the Power Plant averages 900 to 1,600 people/day how many does the MACM do?

And, finally. Zeke's Gallery's attendance figures for 2004:
Kristi Ropeleski, Blood Harmony Total of 738, average per day of 19
Janice Tayler, Gestures of Fragmental Shifting Total of 727, average per day of 23
Phillip Bottenberg, Ocean of Intangibles Total of 830, average per day of 22
Toly Kouroumalis, Lucid Dreams in a Winter of Death Total of 1,104, average per day of 16
Chris Dyer, Metaphysical Boarding Total of 1,018, average per day of 32
Jean-Fran├žois Lacombe, Above, Below, Center and Ether Total of 1,278, average per day of 28

And for those of you that are math challenged, that's a total of 5,695 over the whole year.

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