Thursday, March 24, 2005

Interesting Juxtaposition


The Canadian Government awards the Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts every year. Six artists and one arts affiliated person get $15,000/each for surviving a sorta long time (it appears to be about 20 years or so, judging from the previous winners). It gets covered by just about every darn media outlet in the land. Françoise Sullivan said that because of the award that she won this year (sometimes it takes way more than 20 years to win it...) that she wouldn't have to teach this summer. Or in other words it ain't all that big of a deal.

In comparison, the Québec government hands out what they call bourses de carrière [Career Prizes]. One is specifically designated for Visual Artists, it's called the Riopelle Prize (duh!). The provincial government gives the good folk who win this sucker a cool $60,000/each. And while it basically got diddly-squat as media coverage, I'd venture a guess that if Ms. Sullivan won it (so far only Charles Gagnon and Gilles Mihalcean have won it, although René Derouin won something similar just without the title) that she'd be able to do an awful lot more than just "not teach this summer."

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