Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another wonderful review Roberta Smith piles it on Gregory Colbert


Roberta Smith knows how to write. 992 words in today's New York Times about Ashes and Snow, by Gregory Colbert.

The highlights:
"Sometimes it takes a temple, a big awe-inspiring chunk of architecture to give art a proper aura. Sometimes such a setting makes matters worse. A case in point is "Ashes and Snow," Gregory Colbert's spectacularly vacuous exhibition..."
"Mr. Colbert's domain, is Anne Rice by way of Pottery Barn..."
"This exhibition pulls out all the stops to sensitize us to the natural world, but mainly it reveals that selfless sincerity is often close to overweaning egomania and that the path between them is unconsciousness."

To give credit where credit is due - Ms. Smith does point out that the building housing the whole sucker is made with recycled materials. Perhaps it should be Shigeru Ban who should be the headliner when it goes to Los Angeles.

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