Sunday, February 13, 2005

Talking about money, money, money, money, money


And finally, Peter Goddard at the Toronto Star, wrote a nice review of a show by Dominique Toutant called "The Boutique" at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. According to Mr. Goddard, because of the show, "we can really feel good about the art of shopping." How this exhibit is different than the annex to the Joyce Yahouda Gallery called the Store, I'm not entirely certain. (OK, one of them everything is made by one person, and in the other there are a variety of objects made by a variety of people.) And do either of them really comment, satirize, or challenge "the increasing prominence of the gift shop in any art institution's business practice." Or are they just trying to cash in on people's fascination with dust gathering objects that are "pretty" or "interesting?" And most importantly, as Ms. Yahouda takes a 50% commision on everything sold at the store, what is Gallery 1313's take?

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